Doing Business in Myanmar?

Doing Business in Myanmar?

We can help!

One stop shop agency that gets things done!

We’ve learnt it’s all about YOU, YOUR business and how we can provide solutions to help it. It’s not about us, not about our personal charm, or how good we are with words.

As a one stop shop agency, we have experience in supporting companies of all kinds and sizes, in meeting yesterday deadlines and in exceeding expectations. YOU can put YOUR feet up and enjoy having our team do everything for YOUR business: from market research, marketing planning, media buying, to activation campaigns, digital production, copywriting, creative, PR & events. If YOU’ve thought about it, we can do it!

Now what’s even better is that we love processes, project management and monitoring.  We work together with YOU, to ensure everything is transparent, and YOU are involved in every step of the process. So let us know what YOUR objectives are, and we’ll make sure to get YOU there.

Enough talking. We’ll get it done!

Market Entry

Entering a new market, especially one you may not be familiar with, is always challenging, interesting, and definitely exciting! It will take a lot of resources and preparation for any company, big or small. From market research, to choosing the best marketing tools and understanding how to deploy them for the best return on investment, and knowing just how much to spend in such a new environment, entering the Myanmar market is definitely challenging. Here at Kaus Group, a one stop shop agency with extensive local knowledge, we are able to support businesses with their marketing strategy, message, planning and execution. We thrive in managing successful projects and bringing results that matter to our clients.


Ongoing Marketing Consultancy

Our team of specialists is here to support you with ongoing marketing consultancy services. This is a flexible service, allowing you to add the services you need, on a customisable platform of hours and cost, so it’s easy to see exactly how our team is supporting you.  You will have access to an entire team of specialists, from marketing specialists, to graphic designers, copywriters, media buyers, all at the cost of one. No overheads, no training, the complete professional solution is available to you now.

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